Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma

When children study at a good school which follows an excellent curriculum, they tend to become smart. Education from a school performs an essential part in the developments of a child’s personality; a good school which has a good education system can give a push in the development of children.

In India, there are several states which provide various types of education systems like ICSC, CBSE, NIOS and IB. Even though all the education boards hold equal value, the best-known education system is the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB). International Baccalaureate has more significant advantages over their counterparts as they are more relevant to a lot of other things. Schools like MLSI offer these courses at their international schools which is present all over the country

There are many benefits to earning an IB diploma, and some of them include:

  1.    It Prepares You for Universities- The curriculum of the IB diploma is such that it focuses on preparing you for higher education. IBDP (IB Diploma Programme) requires students to pursue 6 subjects of different areas, 4 of them needs to be taken at a high level while the rest two can be taken up at the standard level. After the completion of an IB diploma programme the students are awarded international credits depending on the GPA they score, this helps them in getting admission in universities around the world which have the credit-based system. Universities might even place students in higher level courses because of their past IB experience and credits.
  2.    Gives you Analytical and Practical Knowledge- In addition to the 6-subject curriculum, IB focuses on other aspects of education too. IB requires students to research and write lengthy essays which give makes them analytical in nature. A theory of knowledge course is also a requirement in IB as it gives you the ability to think critically and epistemologically.
  3.    It is Recognised All Over the Globe- IB has a considerable presence all around the globe, their programme is well known for the quality of education it has on offer. Top universities recognise their diploma programme and give some preference to IB Students. IB students an edge over the average students as they are already familiar with the university curriculum because of the similarity they have to IB.
  4.    Extra-Curricular Activities- IB equally gives importance to extracurricular activities as they consider it to be a significant player in the growth of a student. Participating in extracurricular activities is a requirement in IB which a student cannot ignore.

International Baccalaureate Programme has evolved with time since its inception in 1968, it has gathered a lot of popularity due to the value it offers and values it creates in a student. IB has proven itself which is why it is well recognised around the world by top universities. IB not only builds a student academically but also helps them grow in all other areas of life. It is time for Indian systems like CBSE to change and adopt an approach like IB after all, IB programmes are considered to be one of the best in the world

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