3 Types of Business Degree Specialisations you can Pursue

Students that graduate from some of the leading universities has a great shot at landing the specialization of their dreams. One of the first questions they ask you in the personal interview round is what specialisation you prefer. That’s why it’s important to have your specialization picked out before you start applying. There are many types of business degree specialisations and some of the leading business schools in Delhi will have all of them.

It’s going to be up to you as to how you want to take your career ahead. You can either be a general manager, having a general approach to all subjects, or a specialized professional in areas like finance and accounting. The future of your career depends on what path you choose, but if you graduate from top schools like IILM UBS, you will have a bright professional potential.

Sales & Marketing-Oriented Approach:

Students can pursue a marketing-oriented approach and combine skills and passion in tech and marketing together. There are various avenues of excellence in the domain with a BBA in marketing or digital entrepreneurship. Sales are also one of the core aspects of every business, and you can customize your specializations to pursue that route as well.

This specialization is best for students that have good communication skills (written, verbal) and are able to use psychology and technology to their benefit. Leading universities like UBS have top-notch faculty teaching the latest strategies in marketing management.

Capital Management Oriented:

These specializations are offered to students that want to excel in finance, accounting, etc. The degree is specialized to teach students about capital management, accounting principles, and growth of the bottom line. Revenue generation can occur via capital management as well, making these skills flexible enough to be applied in any organization.

Entrepreneurship and Startup:

Students can also opt for the startup life and prepare their career to hone their skills in the domain. Students can pick up core skills required to excel in their venture and get mentored by some of the leading experts in their domain.

UBS, considered the best BBA colleges in Delhi NCR, is a great option for Delhi students to perfect their entrepreneurial skills. The faculty, the mentorship and the case-study based approach makes students more confident when they start their companies.


While there are many business specialisations available, students need to choose their own path correctly. They can choose from a wide range of subjects, but they need to choose according to economic factors, growth and development, as well as personal passion in the field.

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